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Marriage Career Guide

Finding Your Way to Joy, Love and Blessings While Working Together

Our Story

Finding happiness in both love and work isn't easy— but it's possible. 

In Marriage Career Guide, the authors help couples navigate 24/7 togetherness and give guidance on what it takes to build and maintain a healthy, loving work/home balance.

With insight from over a decade of marriage and working together, this guide provides lessons learned from powerful insights, practical situations, and engaging exercises.

The Marriage Career Guide will help couples:

  1. Learn how to foster a marriage culture built to tackle, resolve and thrive no matter what comes your way.

  2. Discover their own answers to successfully navigate the challenges that come when mixing marriage and work and how to deepen their love in the process.

  3. Navigate reflective exercises designed to open the door of communication and trust between couples.

Written for those looking for a real relationship book—for anyone determined to make it work at work and at home.

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